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Please see the ‘About’ page (can be selected at the top left of this page) for further details but basically this blog is about my latest photographic escapades and includes those failed attempts – we all have them! Here’s an example of a recent experiment …. which took longer than anticipated as, to achieve the result I had in mind, I needed the traffic to be ‘just right’. The car from behind had to have their lights on full to illuminate the chevrons and nearby lines, while the oncoming car needed their lights dipped to illuminate the remainder of the lines without blinding the entire scene. In an ideal world I would have stopped the traffic (!) but instead had to use a high ISO and reasonably high shutter speed. I then used a little digital trickery to boost the contrast and clean things up.

PS. This is my first attempt at the world of blogging so please forgive any mishaps – and any helpful suggestions are more than welcome!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)