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Having got up before the crack of dawn I stood on the side of a windswept hill overlooking Bishops Cannings, waiting for the sun to rise and feeling the cold slowly working its way through to my bones. My camera was ready, tripod mounted and with a two stop ND grad in place. The sun never materialised, preferring to hide behind the clouds,  but my increasingly uncomfortable wait was rewarded with a landscape slowly transformed by soft shades of lush green and pastel pink. Not quite what I was looking for but beautiful all the same. Fifteen minutes later it was transformed again, but this time the scene had turned a cold steel grey. I was about to pack up and call it a day when I noticed a small herd of cattle heading my way. Soon I was surrounded by a gang of bovine teenagers intent on removing the contents of my rucksak and nibbling my jacket. Having once again rescued my coat tails I turned around to see a set of jaws clamped firmly around my tripod leg – enough was enough! It was now definitely time to call it a day and although I hadn’t got the shot I was after it had been a beautiful – and entertaining – morning.

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)