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Finally a little spare time coincided with something other than endless grey skies – my timing seems to have been particularly bad these past few months. Anyway, with the wind streaked clouds racing across the sky, a blinding sun playing stroboscope and the trees outside our windows whipping up a frenzy I decided to head out to my current favourite spot and try my luck. Being high on the chalk scarp overlooking the Pewsey Vale I knew it was going to be pretty wild up there, but there’s something about the distant horizons that I like – great expanses are difficult to photograph but the views are spectacular!

The vistas certainly didn’t disappoint and I felt quite small as the wind bullied me about and storms raced across the skyline, the flowing tendrils of rain showing as dark draped shadows. Setting up my tripod was a fruitless task as, even pegged to the ground with my laden rucksack, the wind rocked it on its feet. Giving up on ‘serious’ photography I simply wandered, enjoying my solitude and the wild conditions. As the afternoon wore on the sun gradually slid downwards, leaving the brilliant blue sky to drop through the clouds and illuminate them from within with an orange fire. Too impressive to resist I shot hand held exposing for the sky, choosing to silhouette the foreground tree and capture the dramatic sky instead. Not a great afternoon for photography …. but a great afternoon!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)