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One for Mother’s Day. For the last few years I’ve photographed whatever was in flower in our garden the week before Mother’s Day and this year’s offering is courtesy of a beautiful little Blackthorn bush that planted itself in a corner three or four years ago. To be honest, anything that survives my gardening skills, let alone volunteers to be there, deserves to be immortalised!

I didn’t have the heart to take a cutting so this was photographed in situ with a piece of white paper strategically placed to provide a plain background. I used a 105mm macro lens and my camera was tripod mounted, as usual, with timer release as I forgot to take the remote out with me. Fortunately it was a still, slightly overcast day so the light was perfect and there was no breeze to disturb proceedings. A little digital trickery was used in post processing to fade out the stem and cast a uniform shadow – it just looked better that way for the finished card.

Looking to the future, as long as I leave it alone hopefully it will continue to thrive to the point where it fruits enough to make a jar or two of sloe gin!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)