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Tell me, should I show bigger pictures in my posts? My original intention was to keep a fairly simple, uncluttered look and to be able to see the whole post, or most of it, without scrolling. Does this work for you – or not?! Let me know what you think – your thoughts are important so please share them 🙂

So, back to the picture (still small!) – whilst out and about near Salisbury the other day this view of the Cathedral caught my eye. It was mid afternoon and the sun, a rare sight these days, had bleached the colour from the scene and the Cathedral was nothing more than a grey lump against the washed out grey green hillside in the distance. Still, I was struck by the very rural aspect of this narrow lane leading to the Cathedral which appeared to be serenely situated in the middle of the fields, an effect that could be harnessed with a telephoto lens (200mm focal length in this case). I decided to head back on the first clear evening in the hopes that the last rays of the sun would catch the pale stone of the building to show it in all its glory. It worked! OK, so it’s not the best view of the Cathedral and a more interesting sky would have been better, but there’s a calm tranquillity about the scene that I like.

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)