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We finally had a dry day yesterday – whoopee! I haven’t been able to look at the results of my photographic efforts yet but don’t hold high hopes for any ‘masterpieces’ as the light was too harsh by the time I was able to get out and about. To make matters more frustrating, I made the time to try for an evening landscape shot I have in mind only for a bank of cloud to roll in as I set up and refuse to budge. There’s just no pleasing some people is there?!

Anyway, back to today’s post and another grey and rainy day. We have a gang of sparrows living nearby; technically I think it should be a host of sparrows but gang seems to suit them better 🙂  Whenever the rain pauses for a moment they descend en masse into our garden and bring it life with their chattering as they cheerily busy themselves as only sparrows can. This was taken a couple of weeks ago and brightens my day every time I look at it – I hope it does the same for you!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)