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All good things come to an end and sadly that includes holidays …. and what a fantastic holiday – a four week, 4,500 mile motorcycle tour to Romania. Yup – I’m luckier than most so I’ll stop complaining right now! As it was primarily a motorcycle trip rather than a photographic holiday, I took photos when and where I could. There are dozens of images seared into my memory that I couldn’t catch in camera and most taken under less than ideal conditions, but they are all precious moments to me. For regular followers of my blog please join me in a rerun of my travels as I sort through and develop a mass of RAW files – don’t worry, they won’t all make a showing and I hope you enjoy the ride 🙂

From the UK, all European travels pretty much start in France and these two shots go a long way towards summing up the French for me; an ability to carry off classic style with an easy elegance whilst embracing the avant garde and an occasional venture into the world of wackiness! The beautiful old railway station of St Mihiel has been converted into the Hotel Rive Gauche – great restaurant too! It was a shame we didn’t have longer to spend there as St Mihiel has an interesting past. During its more recent history it was captured by the Germans in the early days of the First World War, seriously hampering French rail communications between Paris and the eastern front, and wasn’t retaken by the Allies until four years later during the first major solo offensive of the war by American forces.

… and now for the wacky!  This is a roundabout centrepiece on our way to Metzeral – sorry, I don’t know exactly where. No doubt the locals thought I was a little wacky, dodging traffic on a roundabout whilst brandishing a camera!

Of the moments I couldn’t capture, the most prominent image from our first couple of days was of the curtains of rain draped over the jagged horizon to our right one evening, windswept into a lazy curve with a fiery red sun providing the most amazing back lighting. Words, my words, can’t do it justice.

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)