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Sculpture fascinates me. I love the styles, the mediums, the reasons for it.  I love the stories told by it, the stories seen in it and the emotions created by it. Whether it be classic works like the Fountain of the Fishing Children – beautifully crafted and so full of joyful exuberance you can almost hear the children laughing. Fighting fish Or perhaps a more modern take on things where a little quirkiness intrigues – such as this memorial to Peter Mansfeld. Intriguing isn’t it? … but what a sad tale.Peter Mansfeld Arrested at seventeen for taking part in the 1956 uprising he was imprisoned until he turned eighteen when he could be legally executed. Tragic.

Or how about the clean minimalism of this statue to Gabor Szthelo. Sztehlo So simple, but again, what a story. During WWII, at the risk of his own life, Gabor saved 2000 Budapest Jews, mostly children. The strength but tenderness in the clean lines of this sculpture is incredible and it’s not until you walk around it that you realise he is hiding a child in his cloak whilst he turns to face the danger. This piece has a real presence to it that sadly I couldn’t convey in a photograph – and busy city streets don’t help! I have added my own creative take. Does it work? I’m not sure …. What do you think?

Three totally different styles, different mediums, different reasons and different emotions. Each one sets my thoughts on the move, provoking a reaction, and each one is etched indelibly into my memory. That’s why sculpture fascinates me!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)