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For those joining me on a rerun of my recent travels we finally leave Hungary behind and head into Romania. First stop is the plain, but pleasant, little town of Orăştie in south western Transylvania. We arrived too late in the day for any real exploration and had to make do with a quick look around as dusk descended before finding somewhere to eat. I was struck by the patterns made by the tangle of wires from a telegraph post and took this shot with the intention of having a little more fun with it later in Photoshop. Bit of a kaleidoscope isn’t it?! Wired Further on, a few locals had gathered on the square outside the Town Hall, their children playing in one of the best water features it’s been my pleasure to see. Basically a giant dandelion, it had an incredible lightness to it but with enough presence to make you stop and look – wonderful! Water dandelionI rushed back the next morning before we left to try and get a better shot but the water was off and I was so disappointed that I didn’t even raise my camera. I wish now that I had but hindsight is a wonderful thing. How many photos there are in my memory that I didn’t take and wish I had – you’d have thought I’d learn by now!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)