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Part of the problem with a touring holiday is that you never seem to spend long enough in one place to appreciate it at different times of day, let alone in different seasons. Having said that, if I were to spend as long as I wanted in each place then my life would be one perpetual holiday – now that sounds like a grand idea!

Although unplanned we actually ended up spending a couple of days in Sighişoara so, after an initial amble of the main streets in the late afternoon as dusk descended, I had the pleasure of exploring it further the following morning. What a difference! In stark contrast to the dark mystery of the night before, where deep shadows lurked at every turn and cobbles glimmered in intermittent pools of light, the town of Sighişoara was ablaze with colour. Colour by numbers The narrow medieval streets glowed with a brilliance that I can only imagine is something akin to walking through a rainbow. Sighisoara - Colours of springPresumably not true to its medieval heritage it was nonetheless a joyful sight that raised a smile and had me singing (to myself – I didn’t want to offend anyone!) “I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow” …… altogether now ……  🙂

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)