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There is something about this shot that really appeals to me – but I just can’t quite put my finger on it! Is it the colours – or the tangle of wires? That ‘lazy lunchtime’ feeling? The roof lines? That magnificent building that dominates the background? ….. or is it something else?! Going home It’s very easy when travelling, when going somewhere different, to get carried away with the newness of it all. I find it very inspiring and I love taking photos, both to share with others what I saw, but also to try and capture what the place means and feels to me. It can also be frustrating because chances are you won’t be in the right place, at the right time, with the right light but somehow you still have to make the best of it.

It’s also very easy when ‘stuck’ in your own locale to become immune to what’s around you and bored with the sameness of it all. I find myself thinking that there’s nothing to photograph, if only I could go somewhere else, somewhere interesting. Then I have to remind myself that where I live is new to someone else, interesting to someone else.

Our ordinary lives are only ordinary to us and in order to keep being inspired we need to see our lives through other peoples’ eyes – easier said than done! Maybe that’s the thing I like most about this image? For these two guys, this is an everyday scene of ordinary life – for me it’s magical …… even though I still can’t quite work out why!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)