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We crossed the Carpathian Mountains twice in two days on the two highest passes in Romania, north to south on the Transalpina and south to north on the Transfăgărășan Highway. Sadly, for all that dramatic mountain scenery, panoramic views and fantastic twisting ribbons of tarmac I don’t have any decent photographs to show for it. Plenty of snaps and great memories but nothing to do justice to this spectacular, rugged range of high peaks. Determined to try and get at least one decent image, with the mountains in the background if nothing else, I was up before the sun again to try my luck.

The pre-dawn darkness gradually lightened to a murky yellow hue and there was not a cloud in the sky – not quite what I’d hoped for. Photography and patience go hand in hand so I hung on, besides it was a balmy morning and I had an entertaining lizard for company. As if embarrassed by its sullen start the sky began to flush a pale pink and streaks of cloud tentatively sidled across the silhouetted range towards me. Soon a fireball of sun peered over the horizon to my left, glancing across the distant peaks and the pink flush deepened with the bluing sky, a light mist forming in the foothills. Pink and purple sunrise at the start of the Transfagaras road in the Fagaras mountains A couple of months earlier and the foreground trees would have been a blaze of lime green but it was here and now and this was as near perfect as I could wish for.

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)