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Moving on towards northern Romania we stopped off in Bistrita, lying at the foot of the Bargau Montains which divide the regions of Transylvania and Bucovina. Arriving too late in the day my explorations were held over until the following morning, although then I was perhaps a little too early as the main pedestrian area wasn’t open for business – or coffee! A flourishing medieval trading post Bistrita met with troubled times and in the early seventeenth century its defensive walls and towers were all but destroyed, only the Coopers Tower remaining. Other than a couple of ancient and heavily restored Churches the town’s main attractions are a row of medieval merchants’ houses and a relaxed atmosphere. Not by any stretch of the imagination qualifying as an ‘attraction’, Bistrita also boasts an unusual line in graffiti that I stumbled across when cutting through an alley. Colourful graffiti with window in Bistrita, Romania Colourful graffiti in Bistrita, Romania Graffiti with windows of punk in Bistrita, Romania A veritable wall of colour, bold design and some interesting one liners – “second hand beard” – “open your foot” – am I missing something or did it get lost in translation?!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)