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Please forgive the terrible pun – if you’re not groaning already you soon will be! Romania proved to be a wonderful place and, having spent longer there than anticipated, we had to rush to a rendezvous in Prague without much time to stop and see en route. ‘Rush’ is a relative term as it still took four days of great riding, avoiding the main roads, to get there. Our third night was spent at Bouzov (Czech Republic), famed for its romantically picturesque castle. Arriving there too late in the day, and with the castle gates firmly shut, I went for a general wander instead coming across this wood pile which cried out for a B&W photo. B&W photo of creative log pile with access to window and fuse box A circumnavigation of the castle walls finally led me back down to the main square and the town’s exhibition area. This too was closed and a tippy toe stretch over the wall was the only way to photograph the 15m high wooden Trojan horse weighing 55 tonnes and the centre piece of the war machines exhibition. Fine art B&W image of the Trojan Horse at Bouzov, Czech Republic Apparently it’s possible to climb the steep stairs inside up to a lookout point from the horse’s head. One for another time perhaps …..

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)