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That may raise a few surprised eyebrows – but please, read on ….

Even for those with only the vaguest appreciation of things technical, the Prague Technical Museum is a ‘must see’. It’s one of those places where you could get lost for days (and frazzle your brain!) but we had to limit ourselves to a few hours – and didn’t even make it out of the Transportation Hall. This cavernous hall really is a sight to see and is literally crammed to the rafters with planes, trains and automobiles – and everything else in between; boats, bicycles, balloons, motorcycles and more. It’s impossible to reduce such a spectacle to two dimensions and there’s no point boring you with a mass of exhibit images, but there is one – my new dream car! (With a little Photoshopping to really show it off  :)) Art photo of cute red Jawa 745cc twin-cylinder two-stroke car that won its class in the Czechoslovak 1000 Mile raceThere is something so cartoonishly stylish about this cute little car that I was smitten – there is also a certain irony in it being a Jawa ….

Based on their national success with motorcycles, Jawa launched a 745cc twin-cylinder two-stroke front wheel drive passenger car in 1934. Between the wars, one of the highest profile sports events in the country was the Czechoslovak 1000 Mile race for touring cars. Jawa entered this in 1935 with six sports specials and this diminutive little car won the 750cc class as well as the prestigious team award. I may be dreaming of a Jawa but as this is the only one in existence that’s probably as far as it gets!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)
Many thanks to Aukerai for the flare.