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Good fortune smiled on us, keeping at bay the forecast heavy rain, while we enjoyed a weekend of classic bike racing at the third round of the 2013 CRMC (Classic Racing Motorcycle Club) series in Anglesey, north Wales. Previously I wrote about a Cotton Telstar bought new in 1963 still being raced by its original owner almost fifty years on. A Cotton Telstar and fifty years are involved here again but this time it is the realisation of a dream – a fifty year old dream to own and race aTelstar that finally came true last year. It was an inspirational tale and great to be able to capture this pair in action …. Cotton Telstar number 22 at CRMC meeting at Anglesey

The CRMC series has some fantastic racing covering a variety of motorcycles from the new (pre 1987) …. Numbers 124 and 68 racing in the CRMC meeting at Anglesey…. to the old (post war). Red racing Moto Guzzi number 113 at CRMC meeting at AngleseylThe intimate track and close quarters racing were great for experimenting with shutter speed and panning.  Shot at 1/2000 sec this rapid beast of a 950cc Guzzi (dominated by its engine!) looks static – something of a disappointing shot taken early on 😦Number 151 racing in the CRMC meeting at AngleseySlowing things down and shooting at 1/400 sec adds speed to the image. To be honest this pair were fast and at the speed they were going I was lucky to catch them at all! Number 137 racing at CRMC at Anglesey with pan motion captureSomething I’d previously learned (but that slipped my mind in the heat of the moment – doh!) was that panning, as well as giving a far better impression of speed, has the additional benefit of   allowing a lower ISO which contributes to sharper images. Something to remember next time it’s an overcast day at the races!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)