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People feature very rarely in my photography – in fact, a quick click on the ‘Portrait’ category here will reveal only four posts. The main problem is that I feel so awkward about the whole thing and posed photographs, unless you know what you’re doing, look horribly wooden. The re-enactment groups at the Tall Ships Festival gave me the opportunity to try my hand once again and I came away with these two. Desaturated portrait of young woman with a knife in re-enactment at Gloucester Tall Ships FestivalDesaturated portrait of young woman repairing fishing nets in re-enactment at Gloucester Tall Ships FestivalI deliberated for some time as to how to present them. My original intention was mono but that didn’t really work – a pair of wizened old hags would have ‘converted’ better! Full colour was too distracting so in the end I opted for something in between. I think it works but please feel free to offer any other suggestions. As for improving my portrait ability – I think I need a victim, err, willing volunteer to experiment with …. 🙂

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)