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Elmer FuddSneak into my garden will you, you wascally wabbit?! You miscweant, you mawefactor, don’t you know it’s wabbit season? You’re out of your holes you scwewy wabbits and I’m a wed-hot sportsman after wild game – so evwyone – be vewy vewy quiet.

…. but bewieve it or not I have a soft spot for wittle, gway wabbits and much as I twied and I twied I couldn’t bwing myself to fwighten him away – besides I haven’t got a wicense to fwighten a fwicasseeing wabbit 🙂  Instead, I patiently waited until at wast! At wast, at wast, at wast! I got him wight where I wanted and fired off a few shots!

Cheeky baby rabbit in the gardenCheeky baby rabbit eating grass with foot casually draped Thanks to Chuck Jones for Elmer Fudd, and Looney Tunes in general, for introducing such a cast of crazy characters to the world!

(All images (except Elmer and Bugs) are copyright to Noeline Smith)