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Sorry about the awful title but nothing really came to me – other than this!

Much to my frustration, I haven’t been able to find much time for photography in the last few weeks but managed to squeeze in an hour or so to test my reactions with these swallows nesting in a friend’s covered walkway. As it was, I was nearly too late and one had already left the nest, scrabbling rather than flying (another reason why it’s a terrible title!) Young swallow ready to leave the nestWatching the antics of the three remaining youngsters jostle for space and their parents’ attention more than made up for the tricky shooting conditions where the meagre light resulted in a juggling act between aperture, shutter speed and ISO.Three hungry young swallows in their nest with mouths agape Although there is no particular artistic or creative merit in these photos it was something of a challenge, albeit an enjoyable one – swallows move pretty quickly! Mother swallow feeding young fledglings in the nest

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)