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I recently undertook an ‘End to End’ trip on my Royal Enfield. For those unfamiliar with this, it is basically any route that traverses Great Britain between its two extremities: north east to south west or vice versa.

I was blessed with an amazing sunset as I made my way up to my starting point …… Orange sunset with silhouette trees and cloud with a silver liningof the harbour at John o’ Groats ….. John o Groats harbour and hotel in the sunshine with brightly coloured chaletspassed through the Cairngorms ….. Dwarfed houses isolated among the hills in the Scottish Highlandsand Teesdale …. Classic view of the Teesdale Valley across a wooden 5 bar gate and stone wallhad a well timed coffee stop ….. Impressionist image of Royal Enfields in the rain during an End to End motorcycle rideand after a week of riding watched the sun set at Land’s End ….. Sunset at Lands End at the end of an End to End motorcycle rideA very brief summation (!) of a great week that introduced to me to parts of the country I’ve never seen before – but will definitely revisit. Next time however, it will be at my own pace with no deadlines or pre-arranged accommodation that force you to keep moving on!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)