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It was the sole survivor that drew me to this group of trees and, although at first glance a very simple image, it proved rather difficult to get. High contrast, fine art B&W image of four trees (or small copse) against a white backgroundWhen the right conditions, along with the requisite time, eventually came together I hoped that the recently arrived herd of cattle wouldn’t notice me as I made my way across the field. I found my spot, set up the tripod and waited but it wasn’t long before one of them rounded the brow and soon after the entire herd were charging towards me. I decided to stand my ground, hoping that it wouldn’t take long for them to realise how boring I really am!

Friesian cow looking at the camera and blocking the view

A couple of alternative views through my viewfinder!

After about an hour of prodding off curious noses they finally wandered off. I then made a terrible mistake; I sat down! Suddenly I was absolutely fascinating again and the whole process was repeated before they finally moved on – deciding to graze under the trees ….. aaargh!

The sun was perilously close to disappearing below the skyline on the opposite side of the valley before I could finally squeeze the shutter release. It took a bit of luck and a lot of patience but I’m glad I persevered.

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)

In response to those interested in the technical side of my photography ….
EXIF data: ISO 200, 1/160s, f5.0 at 56mm with polariser filter. RAW file converted with Capture NX2 and mono conversion with Silver Efex Pro 2