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I was lucky enough to spend a week recently with friends at their place in southern Spain – gee, it’s a tough life! Situated in a rural part of the country light pollution is low and I was able to try my hand at shooting stars – as it turns out I also managed to capture a couple! Astrophotography (night photography) of Cuatro Vientos, Orgiva in the Alpujarras of southern Spain Astrophotography (night photography) of the Milky Way, with a shooting star and silhouette trees in the foreground

These aren’t perfect but, as first attempts, I’m reasonably happy – and I certainly learnt a lot. The main lesson being to wait until it really is dark! There are only 15 minutes between these two images but the darker sky of the second reveals a lot more stars and had I waited a little longer the Milky Way would have stood out more clearly – but I distinctly heard a glass of red wine calling my name 🙂

The second image is my favourite in terms of colour, composition and technical merit. I have shared the first image partly for comparison and partly because it shows where we stayed. If you’d like to see more of the place or fancy spending some time there (which I can highly recommend!) take a look here.

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)

EXIF data: ISO 1000, 30s, f2.8 at 17mm and ISO 1000, 30s, f2.8 at 35mm. RAW files converted with Capture NX2