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As with my earlier post ‘Dragon catcher’ this isn’t going to be everyone’s thing, but once again it was a morbidly interesting subject and a challenge photographically. Technically speaking it’s not a bee either but a wasp; my excuse is that the title was too good to resist – well, at least I thought it was anyway! If nothing else at least it answers the question posed in the 2005 publication ‘Does anything eat wasps?’ 🙂  Close up of a praying mantis eating a wasp When I first found them the praying mantis had the head in one ‘hand’ and the body in the other as if considering which part would be the tastiest – surprisingly it opted for the head, although maybe the body had been devoured by the time I returned with my camera. Why is it that you never have a camera with you when you need it? Funnily enough, that question works in reverse: why do you lug a camera around for hours and never use it? I guess the second question answers the first 😀

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)

EXIF data: ISO 800, 1/30s, f20 at 105mm, RAW file converted with Capture NX2