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The recent heavy rain and subsequent flooding in parts of England have wreaked havoc. Fortunately, the flood plain of the River Wylye has done its job and the usual small river has spread across vast acres of land – the sheer volume of water is incredible. It has created some interesting new photo opportunities (as long as you have a decent pair of wellies!) such as this picture of our local parish church. All Saints, Steeple Langford at night reflected in the flooded fields of the 2014 floodsThe reflections here are in fields more used to grazing sheep and cattle than swimming trout!

This shot is one of those where things didn’t quite go according to plan. On the previous night (when, of course, I didn’t have my camera) the full moon was clear and bright, softly illuminating the scene and casting a perfect twin reflection on the water. In spite of the cloud and showers I decided to head out and try my luck. A patient wait was rewarded with an increase in cloud and heavy rain so I took this ‘souvenir’ shot and headed home disappointed. I’m probably the only one secretly hoping the high water will stay long enough for the next full moon 🙂

 (All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)

EXIF data: ISO 200, 3 min 45s, f11 at 135mm, RAW file converted with Capture NX2