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It seems that spring is here without a decent winter, my favourite photographic season, ever materialising. The best on offer was a foggy day a couple of weeks ago so I was determined to make the most of it. Up before dawn with next to no visibility I drove (very slowly!) over to Avebury, a Neolithic henge and the largest stone circle in Europe, which encompasses the village of Avebury. Not as well known as Stonehenge it doesn’t draw the same crowds but on a busy summer day, like Stonehenge, it can still feel belittled by them.

This day was different: the village still slept and I was alone with the stones, their ghostly shapes looming out of the dense fog. They possessed a majesty and aura that echoed through the ages; their history was tangible and I was humbled in their presence. I hope these images speak for themselves ….

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(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)

EXIF data:
ISO 200, 1/50s, f11 at 38mm.
ISO 200, 1/80s, f11 at 42mm.
ISO 200, 1/60s, +0.7, f11 at 70mm.
ISO 200, 1/600s, -0.25, f11 at 55mm.
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