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Search for ‘Portland Bill’ on Google and you’ll be faced with dozens of similar images of the distinctive white and red striped Lighthouse with skies and seas of various colours and mood ….. and why not: it’s a classic view of an iconic subject that is hard to resist. Portland Bill Lighthouse at sunset with a low tideHowever, there is more to the Bill than that. Certainly the lighthouse is key, as the treacherous race makes this area one of the greatest navigational hazards in the English Channel, but it also has a proud industrial heritage with the stone quarries being worked until the early 20th century, indeed, the lighthouse itself was built with local stone. That may not sound too impressive but consider the fact that Portland stone was used in the construction of the Palace of Westminster, Tower of London, Exeter Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Bank of England – to name but a few applications in England alone. I wanted to reflect this industrial heritage and felt that the best way was with a strong graphic image, black and white being an obvious choice. Square format, fine art black and white photo of Broad Ope Crane at Portland BillThis photograph breaks several ‘rules’ so I’d love to hear if it works for you or not.

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)

EXIF data: ISO 200, 5s, f16 at 35mm and ISO 200, 14s, f14 at 120mm. RAW files converted with Capture NX2