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Mottisfont in Hampshire is a wonderful place to spend the day; possibly more famed for it’s traditional walled gardens than for the house itself. Path in Mottisfont walled rose gardenMy visit coincided with a fabulous day; glorious sunshine tempered by a slight breeze – in truth, probably better suited for a picnic than photography. With far too many people ‘spoiling’ the place 😀 I tried a few close ups but hand holding a macro, with a breeze, whilst crouching underfoot proved tricky – and probably annoying to others! Although the gardens are best known for their roses I was taken with these – can anyone tell me what they are?Macro photograph of blue cornflowerWith the main gardens proving too popular I headed over to the quieter areas around the stream and easily overlooked font after which the place is named ….Hostas and waterfall at Mottisfont riverside walkFern and cloud reflections in Mottisfont fontThe art exhibition upstairs in the main house entitled ‘Garden of Delights’ was an eclectic mix of paintings, prints, photographs and sculpture but I was sidetracked by the view outside, struck by the perfect framing of the lone tree within the window and felt it made an ‘installation’ in it’s own right :D. It was so perfect I can’t help thinking it was intentional ….Art installation of a lone tree framed by a window at MottisfontIn a way it was a good thing the place was so busy as it encouraged me to look for something beyond the obvious – and isn’t that one of the joys of photography?!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)

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