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I can’t believe it’s been two months since my last post – time has just flown by. Much to my frustration I haven’t even had any time for photography, well, I’ve covered a few events but nothing to appease my creative disquiet. Roll on winter!

Anyway, back to the point of this belated post. Followers of this blog, or the casual observer, will realise that I don’t ‘do’ people. I generally photograph anything I encounter – but people ….? It’s somewhat ironic then that one of my very few ‘people’ photographs (‘Fire at will’) is now gracing the home page of the Historical Maritime Society’s website.

Historical Maritime Society website home pageThe HMS are a historical naval reenactment organisation well worth going to see if you have the opportunity. They were looking to revamp their homepage with something that said “action” to better reflect what they do – I guess this goes some way towards that! (Funny thing is that the colour version of this image looks a lot less dynamic …)

The few encounters I have with people at the sharp end of my lens tend to be rather ‘sneaky’, with either a long lens or taking advantage of their distraction so, when a local band asked me to take some publicity photographs, I leapt at the opportunity – much as I would the chance to swim with a whale shark: I know it’s intrinsically safe but it’s still a daunting prospect! Publicity poster for The Langfords bandThe Langfords are an “an original psychedelic country band, with Nashville guitar licks, soaring vocals & a touch of melancholy” – i.e.. it’s a great sound! They preferred the high key photographs and this was the result of me taking it a little further and messing about with Photoshop. Personally, I wasn’t best pleased with the photographs I took but, having survived the encounter, I’d like to give it another go! Maybe I’m finally making progress with people? 😀

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)