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A recent foggy morning had me forsaking breakfast to squeeze in a much needed couple of hours with my camera. Disappointingly the conditions were very patchy – and not where I wanted a patch to be! A quick change of plans, a change of lens and my attention was soon focussed on Longleat House nestled in its surrounding parkland with the fledgling sun just high enough to catch the house as the remnants of mist slid lazily across the valley floor. Longleat House in the mist viewed from Heavens GateThe rising sun resulted in the somewhat surreal experience of gazing upon an archetypal English scene whilst a cacophony of cries from the heart of Africa rose up from the valley on the thin morning air. Breakfast time at Longleat Safari Park!

Stupidly, I didn’t check my ISO. Still, another visit with some autumn colour will improve this scene no end and is something to look forward to!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)

EXIF data: ISO 640, 1/800s, f5.6 at 98mm, RAW file converted with Lightroom 5