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There is something about planted coniferous woodlands; they are relatively sterile, lifeless environments and yet at the same time their uniformity and symmetry have a certain appeal. I have to be honest, they are generally not a favoured haunt of mine but I saw a different side as I threaded my way back through one after a recent dawn shoot.

The diminishing light as a muted dawn chorus receded in the distance, my silent footsteps and a light mist trapped in the trellised crown all contributed to a sense of quietude and one of entering a secret world. Amongst the countless trees my careless meandering led me to this, the statesman of the woods.
B&W square format fine art image of forest with individual twisted tree

Perhaps my footsteps weren’t unguided after all? …. and I finally saw the wood for the trees!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)

EXIF data: ISO 200, 5s, f11 at 60mm, RAW file converted with Lightroom 5