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Where does the time ago?! Apart from being involved with a couple of projects I have had no time for ‘my’ photography. Added to that is the self imposed task of working through my archives to import them into Lightroom; one that is showing dividends as I rediscover half abandoned images.

The scaffolding that seems to permanently work its way around Salisbury Cathedral has, no doubt, ‘ruined’ many a photograph. Having been frustrated by it myself I  decided a change of plan was required and opted to try and use it instead. At the time I was never able to achieve the look I wanted but my abilities have grown in the intervening years and finally I got what I was after ….High key photograph of Salisbury Cathedral in scaffoldingIt’s not a beautiful picture of an iconic location but I’m sure a few people out there will empathise with the problems of working with what you’ve got!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)