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As I said in the first of my Swange posts, I had a rewarding visit with a good selection of varied photographs – helped no end by the slightly dodgy weather! This was another; whilst I hunkered down beneath my wind beaten umbrella this fishing boat braved the elements to cross the choppy waters of Durlston Bay …

Fishing boat facing storming weather

Due to the virtually monotonal nature of this (and the fact that I quite like it!) it has been added to the Touch of Colour gallery of my website. The site is basically dedicated to my B&W photography and many images don’t appear on this Blog – I thought it was about time I gave it plug! 😀

Postscript: I forgot to title this post when first published but was inspired by feedback from Leecleland.
Scuffy the Tugboat wanted a life more adventurous than that of the bath tub; one day his wish came true and he floated gently down a brook, which grew into a stream that eventually swelled to a large river. He was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the world around him and, just as he was about to head off into the endless ocean, he was rescued and returned to the bathtub.
Although not a tugboat it seemed a very appropriate title – Thanks Lee! 🙂

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)