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The Glasgow Kiss – otherwise known as a headbutt ….

‘The Kiss’, an impressive 20 foot high sculpture forming an arch across a pathway at Salisbury Cathedral, had to be moved to prevent people walking into it. Something that  sizeable; how could you miss it – or not, as it turns out?!

Apparently the lure of the glowing mobile phone screen outshone the impressive artwork, the serenity of its location and the magnificence of the Cathedral itself. The sculpture forms part of a Sophie Ryder exhibition entitled ‘Relationships’ which is intended to “challenge us to consider how we interact with each other” – somewhat ironic for those who encountered The Kiss in such a Glaswegian manner! 🙂

Sophie Ryder - The Kiss at Salisbury Cathedral

Having got the ‘standard shot’ I wanted to try something in B&W but the limited tonal range made for a dull conversion – time for a different approach. After a frustrating few hours spent persuading my flash gun and camera to talk to each other – and cooperate with me – I returned for a second attempt ….Sophie Ryder - a B&W photograph of The Kiss at Salisbury Cathedral


Update 26/02/16: Increased contrast applied to the second image.

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)