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Another installation from Sophie Ryder’s ‘Relationships’ exhibition at Salisbury Cathedral; the straightforward title of ‘Minotaur & Lady Hare Torsos’ plays down the emotion in the relationship between these two – I had the distinct impression they’d had a blazing row and each was waiting expectantly for the other to apologise!

Dramatic photo of Sophie Ryder's Minotaur & Lady Hare Torso at Salisbury Cathedral

My preferred low viewpoint resulted in the usual problems of shooting against the sky –  and led to my first experimental foray into off camera flash. Having eventually worked out how to get the bits of kit to talk to each other and listen to me (this is all about relationships!) I realised that my flash, although very good, just wasn’t powerful enough.  My shoot rapidly descended into a Benny Hill type farce as I scuttled between Torsos and camera brandishing a flashgun – You’ve Been Framed, here I come 😀
It was an interesting experiment and a new technique to play with – but I think I should have invested as much effort in the composition as I did with the technical shenanigans.

A rethink and change of perspective resulted in a far better photograph – more flattering to the subjects and more interest in the detail; no flash this time, just a simple HDR …. and aren’t  those ears fantastic?!

Forgive and forget?

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)