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The September End to End trip we had planned was, for one reason or another, fated not to happen – as it seemed were the couple of hours photography I had in mind as we cruised through North Berwick late in the afternoon looking for somewhere to stay. The photographic opportunities were many and varied and, having lugged my unused kit for hundreds of miles, I was looking forward to putting it to some use in the busy little seaside town.

The anticipated spare time rapidly dwindled as we searched in vain for lodgings until finally striking lucky leaving town. With about 45 minutes to spare I grabbed my kit and rushed off towards the unseen stretch of coast – across the golf course and through the dunes to be greeted by a distant tide and jumbled mass of seaweed covered rocks; not quite what I had in mind! Denied the luxury of time that I usually prefer I was forced to make some quick decisions and ‘shoot from the hip’ – Craigleith Island caught my eye ….

Square format fine art image of Craigleith Island through the dunes

Square format fine art minimal image of Craigleith Island in the Firth of Forth

Surprisingly the hastily taken images turned out better than I could have hoped for – maybe every now and then we need to force ourselves to approach things differently ?!

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)