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Unless a freak weather front rolls in it seems that winter has come and gone for us in southern England 😦 My favourite photographic season passed in a sequence of ordinary days with barely any frost let alone snow – and not even much rain to speak of! Thankfully we had a few days of hit and miss fog which had me scurrying around my local patch, camera in hand to make the most of limited opportunities.

This tree stands alone in the middle of a field opposite a sewage treatment centre – a rather unprepossessing spot! I’ve wanted to photograph it for years but a jacket of thick ivy obscured its limbs and the resulting dark blob didn’t make for a picture. Trimmed a year or so back, the ivy is thinning and the old oak is finally coming into its own.

Lord of the dance (South Newton, England, 2017)

The same field held hidden treasure in the form of these tracks not visible from the road – an unintentional artwork!


Another magical morning with not a soul around; when the world is hushed and the moments distilled and concentrated. There’s nothing quite like the luxury of immersing yourself in the simple things in life ….

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)