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Posting photographs from my April trip to London has been somewhat interrupted – I guess the obvious answer would be to post them more quickly!

Juggling a tripod with troops of tourists on a bridge at rush hour in central London is not my preferred method of working – but needs must as I wanted detail in the sky and there’s just no moving the sunset! At the time I was peeved that the hurrying boat had ‘ruined’ my photograph and took another as soon as the bow wave had settled. On reflection (no pun intended!) I prefer this one; it has life and seems to sit better with the hustle and bustle of the moment.

Panoramic night photo of the River Thames and London skyline

The following day was my first visit to the Shard …. and the views were incredible; I had timed it to catch the last of the daylight before watching the city gradually light up – well worth doing if you can. With so much to see it was easy to be overwhelmed but this cluster of tower blocks repeatedly caught my eye; Strata SE1, otherwise known as the “Razor” (with the sloping black top to the left) was completed in 2010 with the remaining towers sprouting up since – interestingly, still little more than a building site on Google Earth.

Tower blocks in London, Island in the stream

Finally the last traces of daylight had gone, the city was fully lit and the dark artery of the Thames wound its way smoothly out to sea as aeroplanes, dots of light in the sky, followed each other in to City Airport.

Night time photo of Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf

So much to see and so little time …. if you’d like to see a few more images from my visit, including a selection of mono, please go to my Instagram feed.

(All images are copyright to Noeline Smith)