Many of these images were produced before I began blogging and have not featured in any posts.

If you like these you will love my website! Take a look here for an additional collection of mono images.

6 thoughts on “Mono”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyable – such quality images. I made a beeline for this gallery and look forward to perusing the others soon. Such an invaluable feature for us photographers!

    • Ha – I always head straight for ‘mono’ first too, given the option 🙂
      I haven’t used galleries before – but they’re pretty good aren’t they?! ….. and thank you for your feedback – quite a compliment from a discerning eye!

  2. An excellent gallery and its fascinating to see your work grouped in this way. Its also valuable for appraising your own work.

    • Grouping photos for appraisal is an interesting point. Since starting out with digital in 2006 I’ve maintained a ‘best of’ folder and it’s gratifying (and encouraging) to see how I’ve progressed.

  3. I really like the sunburst one

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s generally not possible to get among the stones so both as a souvenir and an image I’m pretty pleased with this one. I’m glad you picked it out as a favourite!

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